Friday, September 6, 2013

Let's Do This

Let's do this!
What is this?
Is my this the same as your this?

Yes. No. Sometimes.

I've been thinking about writing for a long time...even blogged some in the past.  It seems I'm always writing in my head.  Composing things God is teaching me and funny things my kids say into posts.  They never get written, because let's face is busy.  Writing seems like something else on the list that's not as important as all the other things that have to be accomplished for the day.  So I don't do it.

I love reading so many other blogs.  Mostly of women, just like me.  In the throes of serving their family, working their jobs, and trying to walk out their faith. Everyday.  The blogs are real, funny, raw, and so very encouraging.
Why?  Because they let me know I'm not alone in the this.  The this.  The right now. The parenting failures and successes.  The friendships that are smooth and effortless or sometimes rocky and exhausting.  The marriage that is work and a blessing.  The job that needs attention. The laundry that never ends.  The dinners that have to be fixed every stinkin' night.  Sports, cheer, homework, doctor's visits.  And ministry that can be both messy and rewarding.

Ministry is not just for full time, paid church staff.  It's what we all do. Everyday.  In everything we do. If you are on the journey to follow Christ and become more like Him, your life IS ministry. Laundry, conversations, leading worship and small groups. Sending encouraging cards or texts.  Just listening.

So...That's what I want this this to be.  Ministering to my soul as I write, my God as I try to follow and write what He is teaching me, and and to you, the friends.  Will every post have some deep spiritual thought?  Probably not.  I hope to write about funny things that happen in my life, because goodness knows we need to laugh to survive...even if it is at ourselves.  But I feel even in the funny, God is there, smiling and enjoying our delight.

And I want to encourage you.  You are not alone in this.  We all struggle and have bad days.  We all have great days that we wish would go on forever.  But in this we need each other.  We need to laugh, cry, and celebrate with each other.  We need to stand together in the battles, praying over one another when the this gets too hard.  We need to remind each other where our strength comes from and Who has things under control.

So join me on my journey in this.  Be patient with me as I figure this whole blog thing out, as I'm not the most technologically savvy person I know.  I am going to try to post 2 times a week or so...emphases on try. Hope you are encouraged.

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